Arab-American woman appointed as Deputy Political Director for Clinton’s Michigan campaign

Arab-American, Ms. Zaineb Hussein has been employed as the Deputy Political Director for Hillary Clinton in Michigan. There, she will report to Clinton’s Michigan Political Director, Tommy Stallworth, who himself is a former Michigan Representative.


Ms. Zaineb Hussein

Hussein has made a significant representation of the Arab-American community and is now the highest ranking Arab-American in the ‘Hillary for Michigan’ campaign.

Hussein’s appointment to this position came shortly after the opening of four additional campaign offices in Michigan, one of which is in Dearborn, an area renowned for its high population of Arab-Americans whose presence shaped Michigan’s society.

Hussein has been involved in politics for quite some time, having played a vital role in the primary season serving as a community activist for the Democratic Party. She was selected as the Director of Constituent Services to Michigan State Senator David Knezek.


Support of the Arab-American community is vital to Clinton’s campaign

The community has speculated that by selecting an Arab-American in a high ranking campaign position such as this can only increase Clinton’s popularity among Michigan residents. Many members of her community have commended her for contributing and being active in their society and feel that Clinton is fortunate to have someone with her dynamic personality working on the campaign.

During the Michigan primary, the Arab-Americans voted mostly for the former Democratic presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders. Their support for Sanders was seen as a major blow to Clinton’s campaign, and she needs their support for the upcoming elections in November.

Arab-Americans play an important role in local politics, a step towards the enforcement of “positive policy developments” at a national level, starting with the local community. Hussein’s position has given the Arab-American community a voice in the nation’s elections later this year.