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Lifestyle & fashion of Muslim women in USA

Ekran AlıntısıLifestyles of Muslim women in Western societies can be somewhat challenging at times, in particular when it comes to their attire. Muslim women wearing a veil can often be subjected to uncomfortable stares, as well as fingers pointing in their direction, due to the West’s perception of Muslims. Dearborn, Michigan has a large well-established Muslim community in the area, and many of its Muslim women still have a rather stylish, fashionable wardrobe and sociable lifestyle.

What is still considered acceptable by the Muslim community, though? There has been a large trend towards wearing regular Western outfits, accessories and jewelry with a hijab worn every day. It has become so popular for women to do so, that many have ditched the black and neutral colored hijabs for more stylish ones, which has seen a surge in new styles and designs coming from the Islamic fashion world. It is now a preferred choice for many women to purchase colorful hijabs in many different elegant fabrics.

Not all Muslim women agree with these stylish hijabs and feel that it is breaking away from their traditions and customs. They do not see this as being modest and consider women dressing in this manner to be to easily influenced by Western society. Hence, many Muslim women also experience uncomfortable stares from their own people who do not approve of their way of dressing or even their lifestyle, so it seems.
Ekran Alıntısı

There have also been various debates concerning the behavior of Muslim women living in America. Muslims have been successful in integrating their culture into the American way of living, as we have many hookah lounges, restaurants as well as mosques. However, when Muslim women become too relaxed with the American lifestyle, it does result in various reactions within their community.

For instance, Two Muslim women were noticed dancing with men in a hookah lounge. The footage was uploaded to social media, which sparked some mixed reactions from the Muslim community, with many differing views on how Muslim women should conduct themselves in public.

While some consider it not appropriate at all, others don’t feel that it is a problem for women to have fun, as long as they are modest and aware of how they carry themselves and interact with others.

Amen is one of Dearborn’s local Muslim women and when reflecting on the way in which women in her society are labeled, she mentions that, “I don’t see an issue with people enjoying their lives,” but that women need to bear in mind that they are always being noticed and “they should carry themselves with class and have respect for themselves and for others.”