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Most Annoying Habits

Meeting new people is really the spice of life. Making new friends, growing your circle of acquaintances, becoming like a big family—these are the things that really make people happy and fulfilled.

But what happens when you meet another single person and they turn out to be the most annoying person on earth?

What if that annoying person happens to be you and you don’t even know it?

Inevitably, everyone is annoying at some point and not everyone can pull off that cool, suave and debonair quality that some people just innately posses. So how can the rest of us stay away from the annoying habits that drive others away?

Here’s a list of some of the most annoying things people do when they’re either meeting people or on dates. Learn to spot these and remind yourself to never, ever do them:

1) Talk about your love life: If your entire conversation consists of past girlfriends or all the guys that are interested in you, the other person is going to not only get really tired of you, but think you’re a narcissist who really just needs their ego stroked.

You never want to bring up past relationships during a first meeting—it really gives off the wrong impression and makes you look like that’s all you care about.

2) Asking too many questions: Normally, asking questions is exactly the right thing to do when meeting someone, but there is such a thing is going overboard.

If the person feels like they’re being interrogated or put on trial, they’ll get defensive and deflect any more questions.

Ask an appropriate amount of questions, but also give them time to ask you some as well. After all, this should be a mutual exchange of information, not a cross-examination.

3) Mocking others: If you’re meeting someone for the first time and all they seem to be doing is making snide remarks about others, what would be your impression of them?

Stick to talking to each other and about each other, and leave others out of it. People who cant stop judging others look petty, cruel and often have their own deep-seated vulnerabilities.

4) Being emotional: Stick to pleasant topics, or at least things that won’t cause you to break out into a bar fight.

There’s not much that’s more uncomfortable than meeting someone for the first time and then seeing them get extremely angry or upset. If you feel yourself getting that way, excuse yourself for a few minutes and go outside to take a breather.

5) Answering your calls/texts: If you’ve got a really important call that you just cant miss, then explain that beforehand.

People who find it completely acceptable to answer every single call and text right in the middle of a conversation are not only being rude but very disrespectful. At the very least, apologize, excuse yourself, talk in private and keep it very short.