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Turkish Nights In Sharjah

Al Qasba Turkish Nights bazaar was launched in Al Qasba which is a premier tourist destination. It has a large turnout and continues till February 13th. The bazaar features a wide variety of entertainment activities and events. The atmosphere is reminiscent of popular markets in Turkish cities. It also features a wide selection of traditional cuisines and goods which are available to tourists and visitors who gather to experience the genuine Turkish bazaar.

During its launch the ‘Al Qasba Turkish Nights’ bazaar welcomed the residents of the Emirate of Sharjah and visitors from all over the region who were keen to view and enjoy the exhibition which included clothing, jewellery, perfumes, and spices. There was also delicious dishes and sweets which tourists and exhibit visitors enjoyed, as well as tea and Turkish coffee. All these items were displayed in booths along the walkways of Al Qasba.

Sultan Mohammed Shattaf, Al Qasba Manager said that they are constantly striving to enhance the social, cultural and artistic attractions of Sharjah to the visitors and residents by organizing various programs and activities throughout the year and ensuring that they appeal to a variety of aspects of the community. Through these activities, they hope to ensure that they secure Emirates’ position as a beacon of art and culture as well as the protector of the Arab heritage.

Shattaf also said that the idea was to provide an opportunity for tourists and visitors to Al Qasba to learn about the diversity of the Turkish products and experience the liveliness of a genuine Turkish marketplace. And without a doubt, the bazaar was met with a lot of enthusiasm from the organizers, the exhibitors, and the visitors.

Al Qasba has a wide variety of state of the art facilities and tourist attractions which include cafes, kids’ fun zone, restaurants, Al Qasba Musical Fountain, Eye of the Emirates Wheel and the Maraya Art Centre among other many facilities.

Al Qasba prides itself on providing visitors with the opportunities to enjoy culture, entertainment and leisure attractions which represent the best from the Arab world and beyond. With the bazaar attractions and entertainments being offered, Al Qasba is certainly being set up to be an outstanding family destination with a wide variety of activities which cater to the people of all ages.

Victors to the Al Qasba are ensured of a fun experience with a variety of entertainment for families showcasing Arab culture. They have also ensured that they deliver quality events which visitors can enjoy such as Arab Cuisines and dishes. The organisers of Al Qasba Turkish Nights have ensured that every visitor that attends the exhibition enjoys the full Arabic experience through the goods and food being showcased and sold at the event.

The organizers have ensured that they display quality and a wide variety of goods which will ensure that the visitors enjoy each moment they are attending the “Al Qasba Turkish Nights” through the Arabian spices, dishes, and sweets and traditional jewellery being exhibited at the bazaar.