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15 professional Arab women share their secrets to success

Some women just have what it takes to make a phenomenal career whereas others may need a bit more advice than others to succeed. 15 of the most successful and outstanding Arab women share with us the best advice they’ve ever been given. To gain some valuable insight and advice, read on and you’ll see what each of them had to say.


Sara Romany

1. Sara Romany is the Managing Director of Mint & Co and says her dad gave her the best advice she could get. His words to her were to invest in her people, which always stuck with her. Sara makes a point always to invest in her team even if it costs her a client.

2. The Singer, Songwriter, Tam Tam says the best advice has always been to listen simply to her gut and never stop trying.

3. Nada Akram is a successful fashion designer who claims that it is vital to be authentic in everything we do, always to believe in ourselves and not to allow ourselves to be influenced by the fake world of social media.

4. Zaina Kana’an, Co-Founder of Anansa and ChariCycles states that each of us has two real jobs in life. The first being to learn and the second to cope.


Dana Khater

5. Editor-in-Chief of Enigma Magazine, Yasmine Shihata, says that her best piece of advice came from a quote by Louis Pasteur, “Chance favors the prepared mind.” To her, it is always important to be prepared for whatever life throws at you, and be open to new opportunities, ideas, and other people.

6. Christina Khater is the Founder of Kristie’s Events and says “Just remember who you are, and the woman you were born to be.”

7. The founder of Coterique, Dana Khater’s father always said the words “Al Sabr” as he waved his hand in the air. She has learned that some things take time.

8. The most valuable advice which actress and model, Tara Emad, received, has been to be persistent and always to follow her dreams, and her passion in life.

9. “Be wise enough to know what you want, and be courageous enough to make it happen,” this is what Co-Founder of Mode Marketing & PR, Zayna Al Hamarneh had to say.

10. Alwajd AlFayez is the Director and Founder of Mugshot Productions and feels that the best advice is to “Star in your own life.”

11. Cynthia Nakhle, the Founder of Something Blue Bridal Boutique, says that one should always follow their instinct at work. We may seek advice from others, but nobody knows our own business quite like we do.


Farah Asmar

12. Farah Nofal is the coach and athlete from BeFit and simply says, “Own Your Greatness – Knowing your greatness doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re perfect. It means you’re secure in your strengths, unlimited by your weaknesses and confident in your power.”

13. The greatest advice ever, according to Farida Temraz, Chairperson and Designer-in-Chief of Temraza Design is to follow your passion and be persistent.

14. Farah Asmar says that as a handbag designer the advice which has been valuable to her career is to stay true to who you are and create your own style.

15. Fashion designer, Sandra Mansour, says that the advice one should follow is never to give up on your dreams and aspirations.