Cities Arabs Love to Visit

Ever thought about which destinations other Arabs visit on their vacations? Here’s a list of the ten most popular spots visited by Arabs. Perhaps you’ve already visited a few of these destinations already. If not, you should pick just one, and as these are all popular destinations for Arabs, so you might just meet an old friend on your journey.

Istanbul, Turkey

Our number one destination is Istanbul, Turkey. It’s become so popular, with Arabs flocking to experience the majestic beauty of this city which spans two continents, where East meets West. You will hear plenty of Arabic spoken on the street, as its Arab population continues to rise. Arabs from many nations just love this shopping paradise and the beautiful scenery which Istanbul has to offer. The Grand Bazaar is full of Arabs shopping for some ‘bling’.

Paris, France

Paris is a cultural hub for tourists and has a huge number of both Arab residents and visitors. We enjoy traditional Parisian cafés, music and popular tourist attractions, such as the Eiffel Tower and museums.


Malaysia is also a popular tourist destination, and the citizens of most Arab countries do not require a visa. The food and culture are unique and exciting, and this country offers many lovely sights for tourists to visit. Whether you prefer the city, or would rather relax in natural surroundings, and enjoy the forests and beaches, you’ll find this here.

Bali, Indonesia

Another tropical destination is the island of Bali. You can visit their pristine beaches and enjoy some delicious Balinese cuisine, not to mention the shopping. There are many beautiful temples and pagodas to visit and photograph. Balinese music and cultural tours are a definite must, and the tropical forests are breathtaking.

Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is quite a large island and has so much to offer tourists. Pearl farms, elephant rides, and beautiful, white sandy beaches where you can relax under a coconut tree while having a foot massage. There are lots of islands to visit around Phuket, and you can take a ride on a long – tail boat, do some snorkeling and even rock climbing.

The Maldives

The Maldives are situated on an atoll, and with their still, clear waters and gorgeous villas and bungalows, this is a paradise for Arabs. Here, you can just enjoy the calm, peaceful water, and relax in a hammock, enjoying the stunning sunsets.

Rome, Italy

Rome attracts many Arab tourists every year. This city has such a variety of things to see and do. There is plenty of sightseeing, museums, culture and music, and delicious Italian pasta and pizza.  The climate is great, and it’s a charming place to visit.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona has many famous museums and cathedrals to visit, along with a vibrant population. The streets are filled with cafes and music, making it quite a lively atmosphere. Arabs are supporters of Barcelona FC, and if you’re a soccer fan, you might just be able to see one of their games on your visit.

London, England

Many Arabs have made London their home, and many continue to visit this city each year.  London has something to offer everyone –  food, music, shopping, sightseeing.  Whatever it is you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is a lovely city for Arabs to visit. There are many bicycles which are used in the city and some interesting, tasty, homely meals to try as well as canals, windmills, and museums. If you feel like a break from the city, you can always take a bike ride out into the country.