Denny’s plan to expand with 30 New Restaurants in the Middle East

The world’s biggest full-service family dining chain (figures based on the most number of restaurants) known as Denny’s has completed a franchise agreement with Advance Investment LLC. The contract states that an affiliated entity of Food Quest Restaurant Management LLC will open 30 new Denny’s restaurants in nine countries in the Middle East. This is expected to happen over the next ten years.

Advance Investment LLC has gained management support from Food Quest. They have exclusive rights to open Denny’s restaurants across areas including Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq. The first restaurant to be opened under the new contract is expected to be in the UAE.

Coordinator of the Board of Food Quest, Fareed Bilbeisi shared his comments by saying that he is extremely proud to be connected with a company like Denny’s, and it excited to be working together to make progress in the Middle East. He believes that the new agreement is an excellent addition to the management portfolio of Food Quest, which covers the family dining business areas.

Denny’s president and chief executive officer also added that there are making significant progress when it comes to maximizing Denny’s as a brand at an international level. Now they believe that they have the right partners in tow, they look forward to the challenge. The new contract is a massive milestone for the company and their first significant development in the Middle East.

Vice President of Global Development Steve Dunn also added that they are very proud to have the chance to work alongside such a fantastic franchise partner like Advance Investment LLC. They have paved the way to make Denny’s restaurants available in the Middle East.

The very first Denny’s was opened back in 1966 in Mexico (Acapulco). Since then it’s flock has increased and Denny’s can now be enjoyed in over 11 countries and U.S. territories. This includes more than 100 areas in Costa Rice, Canada, Dominican Republic, Guam, Mexico, Puerto Rico, New Zealand and Chile.

The successful company has nearly opened 1,700 restaurants to this day. They pride themselves on providing their customers with great value and a tasty enticing menu. All of their staff is hired based on their ability not only to work well but also to be friendly and customer focused. A combination of talent and the committed franchise will see it blossom in many different parts of the world.

Denny’s makes combined sales of $2.5 billion, with 100 restaurants all across the globe.