Lina Saad reflects on the golden years of Lebanon in a cookbook like no other!

Ekran Alıntısı

‘The Land of White’ – Simple Lebanese Cookery

Lina Saad discovered that she had a great passion for cooking, as she watched and learned about it in her grandmother’s kitchen in Lebanon. There she worked with fresh ingredients to prepare daily meals. Today, this 40-year-old, mother of two, still makes traditional homemade Lebanese meals and has created a memoir, “The Land of White,” filled with recipes from her homeland.

Saad has incorporated the wonderful cooking experiences from her life and brought them to the reader. She remembers the years before the civil war and hopes that her book will “transport readers to the country, food and culture” and share the experience with her, as she passes it down to her family. Her recipes cover a wide range of dishes, from soups and mezze to salads, main dishes, and desserts. She has included some incredible recipes, such as aubergine puree with pomegranate rubies, kibbe balls stuffed with minced lamb, and stuffed Swiss chard cigars.

You’ll see how she has also separated the recipes into Arabic and European in a reflection of Lebanon’s influence from the Ottoman Rule and French Mandate.

Ekran Alıntısı

Lina Saad shares her experiences with readers

Her book is unlike other Lebanese recipe books which offer classic Lebanese recipes. Her book reflects on the golden days of Lebanon, and each of the recipes has a special place in her heart and holds memories of the days when she would walk from village to village in search of fresh herbs to make tabbouleh with her family.

Her book demonstrates just how she sees food as the language of her culture, folklore, and traditions and is no ordinary cookbook, but targets food lovers, gastronomes, and gourmet cooks. It shares many of her personal experiences and is a must for your kitchen.

Saad has published some of her recipes in various magazines and hopes to work on another culinary and historical Lebanese book to bring to readers.