Rami Jashou – Palestinian Born Designer

Ekran Alıntısı

As Rami’s designs entered the mainstream they have become popular with celebrities including Kim Kardashian

Rami Jashou’s designs are eye catching and unique, with a career that has allowed him to design the most beautiful creations gracing the covers of Vogue, Elle, and Style Magazines. His timeless pieces have been the choice of celebrities including, Penelope Cruz and Jennifer Lopez, and he has even featured on Project Runway.

Rami was born in Jerusalem, and grew up in Ramallah on the West Bank, and is the son of a former Miss Jordan. Designing has been a passion of his since his childhood in Ramallah, where he received much encouragement from his family as they supported him while he experimented with sketching designs.

During his teen years, in high school, Rami entered the fashion world for the first time, as he started to create gowns for the local women, which had some gorgeous Palestinian embroidery which he included in his work. Quite impressive for a start! After high school, he relocated to the US to pursue a career as a fashion designer.

Rami had the experience of a lifetime, which he describes as “surreal,” a chance to be on Project Runway. His time on the show allowed him to display his unique style of draping which he has developed. It was also a great opportunity for him to advertise his brand to an international audience, which opened new avenues for him. One of which was the Home Shopping Network, where his designs sold out in minutes!

His work was also admired and noticed by the Arab communities, from whom he received a lot of support. It was great for the Middle Eastern press to see a talented, passionate, young Palestinian making his mark in the international fashion industry.

Ekran Alıntısı

His first bridal collection for Bebe was a great success

His work caught the eye of Queen Rania of Jordan, whom he had the chance to meet after she asked him to design for her once she heard about his talent. Rami considers his experience of meeting the Queen as one of his greatest accomplishments in life. Another recent accomplishment for him has been designing a bridal collection for Bebe. He is so proud of his bridal pieces and his collection received some positive reviews from the press.

Rami is currently working on another collection with Bebe. His other work includes a gown for Papyrus, which is a stationery brand. In keeping with the stationery theme, he is designing a range of glamorous “paper greeting gowns” for an upcoming event in Las Vegas.

Rami is also working on his collection and opening an online fashion store for his clients, and he has just shot the pilot show for a reality series which he hopes to screen. Bursting with innovative ideas, Rami has plenty of projects to keep him busy as he continues on his astonishing journey in the fashion world.