Zaid Farouki’s extraordinary talent


Zaid Farouki

Zaid Farouki is one of the emerging Arab-American atelier designers and has always had an eye for fashion and a desire to design. He did, however, initially study a degree in business, but found that his artistic talent was being wasted, and he started to attend art classes and did an art minor at the University where he covered painting, sculpting, and multimedia. He then went on to create a fashion blog for himself –

During his final year at university, he applied to a design institute in Milan, Instituto Marangoni, where he graduated with a degree in fashion design. He then moved to London where he took some specialized courses in couture techniques, embroidery and hand-painting. Today, he is a successful designer and this year he launched his first atelier collection at a show in Dubai.


Farouki at work on one of his hand-painted designs

Farouki is inspired by other cultures and is himself from a diverse background. He insists that his designs are exclusive, one of a kind, and are handmade. He also uses beautiful embroidery, couture techniques, and his work has a clean finish. His prints and colors are hand-painted onto the fabrics he uses, making his models “walking pieces of art.”

He designs each piece individually, which are painted by him, giving them an extraordinary touch. His latest collection is known as ‘Dripping Amends.’ This collection was inspired by an image which Farouki had, of a woman, one with contemporary values, making her way through a 16th-century château. She continues to explore throughout the night, as only candles light the hallways and wax drips onto her garments. When the night is over, she emerges as a different woman, the heir to the estate. Farouki put together an entire collection based on this idea.

Farouki creates art which is wearable. Each piece of his designs is unique, having a personal touch of its own.