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Young Arab mother honored with Biology Award

Ekran Alıntısı

Fatima Rizk

A young Arab mother, Fatima Rizk, 26, obtained perfect grades in almost every course she attended at Henry Ford College, which does not happen often, and she did so while she raised two children.

Rizk did her schooling in Lebanon, where she achieved great success as a scholar. At the age 12, she was chosen to represent her school in a science competition, where she amazed the judges with her Molecular Biology project on cloning. As a result, her school was awarded third place. Rizk graduated from high school at the age of 16, after skipping two years due to her excellent grades and capabilities.

After completing her schooling in Lebanon, she got married and moved to the US, where she decided to return to her studies and attend Henry Ford College in Dearborn, Michigan.

With all her responsibilities she had to study twice as hard to get through her work with such a tight schedule, but she managed and received 100% for Chemistry and 99% for Biology.

She was awarded for her efforts as an ‘Outstanding Biology Student 2016’ and received a $500 scholarship. Rizk said that Chemistry was her favorite subject, and she would go on to study Pharmacy once she completed her Science degree.

With all the time and effort she put in, Rizk said that her children were an inspiration to her. They inspired her to reach her goals, that they might have a prosperous future too, and mentioned that “my children’s smiles and my husband’s support are what keep on pushing me forward to do my absolute best.”

She hopes to set a bar for her children, being a role model to them, that they might look up to her and depend on upon her. Her family are an important part of her life and are key to her success, as they gave her courage when she needed it. She aims to pave the way for her children’s future and inspire other young mothers to pursue their dreams.