Egyptian designer brings luxurious bridal collection to the women of Cairo

A unique Middle Eastern bridal collection is available in Cairo, as the fabulous talent of Egyptian designer Mohanad Kojak and Dubai’s luxurious fabric outlet, Salem Alta Mod, join forces.


Kojak’s gorgeous gowns are perfect for every Muslim woman, no matter your style

Kojak’s designs are nothing short of dramatic. For him, fashion is a lifestyle, which he lives and creates in his “wonderland of a bohemian studio.” He grew up around creativity, and it is in his blood. His designs come across more as “wearable art” and adored by models, fashionistas, and socialites who are drawn to such creative works.

The bridal collection, “Elysian,” made its debut on social media and featured his stunning wedding gowns. Kojak says that his collection has been created to fit every type of bride, those who are looking for a classic gown, with an edge or a gown for a relaxed outdoor wedding, or even a gown for the veiled bride.


“Elysian” – created for every bride

He has everything from puffy dresses to tight, modern and even contemporary pieces in a variety of shades, including off-white, as opposed to the classic white color with added golden embroidery and burgundy supplied by Salem Alta Moda.

Kojak’s bridal campaign was held at Windsor Palace in downtown Cairo. The video and the photo-shoot were done by the talented Bilo Hussein, who captured some beautiful scenes of models in Kojak’s unique gowns. Kiki Ismail added her touch as she saw to the make-up for the occasion and Heclev and Hewart gave the models gorgeous hairstyles for the shoot.

Kojak even used his mother in the campaign, with the theme being centered on the mother of the bride. His collection campaign reveals the story of how a mother gives advice to her daughter before handing her over for marriage, and how she wishes the couple well in their future marriage.

Finding the perfect wedding gown is no easy feat, especially for women in Cairo, but Kojak has managed to create a collection which blends elegance, style, and edge. At 21 years of age, he has established his successful brand “Kojak” and now his bridal collection, “Elysian.”