Succulent Sumac Snapper!

Here’s a great Lebanese recipe for you to try. It’s full of the flavors of oregano, garlic and sumac blended in a succulent line fish of your choice. Not only is this a meal delicious, but it is healthy too.

Gather together your ingredients, use fresh herbs to bring out the flavor.

Ekran AlıntısıYou will need:

-a fresh line fish, Red Snapper will do, or something similar which you prefer.

-one green and one red pepper, finely chopped

-the juice of two squeezed lemons

-one clove of garlic, crushed

-Seven tsp of oregano, or you can use thyme if you like

-two tsp of ground cilantro

-Seven tsp of sumac, make sure it’s fresh, and the color is bright. If it is a bit dull, it’s probably too old.

-Five tsp of olive oil

-at least one tsp of salt

Ekran AlıntısıOnce you have all the ingredients ready, do as follows:

Sprinkle your line fish with either your oregano or ground thyme, rub it in, and then stuff it with garlic and drizzle with lemon juice. You can stuff a few lemon slices into the fish as well and leave it to bake at 180 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes. Once the fish is falling off the bones, leave it to cool for a while and then remove all the bones and scales so that you have only the fish meat. So, this is where a good, succulent piece of fish comes in handy.

Ekran AlıntısıWhat you need to do next is make a paste using your sumac, garlic, thyme or oregano, lemon juice and chopped peppers and simply coat your fish with this mouth-watering paste. Allow the fish to continue to bake and let the flavors seep through for another 10 minutes until it is ready.

The great thing about this dish is that you can choose to have it either hot or cold meal. It’s best enjoyed when served with a side dish of Fattoush or any fresh, green salad of your choice.